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How to Repair Pen Drive or USB Flash Drive With Command Prompt -Easy

usb repair7

Here i want to explain about how to repair  pen drive or usb flash drive with command prompt when it is corrupted.

Requirement For Repairing Your Corrupted USB Drive:

  1. Windows 7 Operating System (recommended)
  2. Corrupted Pen drive/ corrupted memory card with good card reader.[N.B. : when inserted,it shows the drive but no memory allocation is seen,no access facility is available,unable to format]
  3. A beautiful smile after success:-)

Step 1:
Insert Pen drive/USB  flash drive (here I am using 1 GB corrupted memory card as demo) on Laptop/Desktop.Make sure the driver is showing. 

Important Notes:

Make sure you have UPS support on your computer for preventing power cut during format process.It is important before performing the task.Not only for this fact & it is also applicable while writing/burn CD/DVD otherwise these devices will be corrupted. 

Step 2:
Click on Start button>Program>search for cmd >click on Run as Administrator

usb repair

Now you will see this ….

usb repair1

Step 3:
Now type a command “DISKPART” & press Enter.It will provide you a new window like as below.

usb repair2


Step 4: 
Carefully follow bellow given steps.: 

  • Type “LIST DISK” & press Enter.

wait 15 second…you will see your flash drive DISK Numder,Status,Size.

  • Now select your Disk number by typing “SELECT DISK 2” press Enter.

(Remember : Carefully choose this selection,You must check the memory size & choose your pen drive disk.Here in demo the pen drive size is 1 GB approx. 953 MB & the numder of this Disk is 2.
So, I have choose select disk 2 for performing the targeted operation. If their is no view of disk except hard disk details then your only option is Customer care service for repair of mechanically damage pen drive.)

  • Type CLEAN & press Enter.
  • Type “CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY” press Enter.
  • Then type “SELECT PARTITION 1“press Enter.
  • after reply from PC,type “ACTIVE” press Enter.
  • type “FORMAT FS=NTFS” press Enter.

Now your pen drive is formating…..please wait for completion.Total fenomena is viewed as below:  

usb repair3

  • After completion,type “ASSIGN” press Enter.
  • Type “EXIT” for two times.

usb repair4

You are now seeing some memory are used,dont worry,it is ok. If you have some itching with this,just format it again in FAT32 file system in windows mode like as below: 

usb repair5

Now you have completely new born Pen drive/USB flash drive/Memory card. 

usb repair6


Note: After exit from CMD(dos) mode,If you want to make WIndows 7 installer Pen drive(must be 8 GB Pen/flash drive),just copy all files of  Windows 7 DVD to this flash drive.Then,you can boot Windows 7 OS from this Pen drive.This is another method of making Windows 7 installer Pen drive.