What to do After Installing WordPress on Server

Now you have installed WordPress on your web server now you need to do some important things for your website like Site title, site tagline, WordPress themes, plugin comments, post, categories, tags, seo etc i will tell you step by step. these things is very important for your blog that must you have to know. Before start blogging please read this post it will help you more strong in blogging field.

Earn Money From Your Blog or Website ! How?

when i was new in this field i was also thinking what it post, what is tag, what is plugin,  how to start my website but now i am always doing something new in blogging field

Logo Design

Basically after installing WordPress on Web Server first thing you need to do, design a logo for your website, make sure logo should be look like it is presenting your website for log designing you can hire logo designer or if you want to design by yourself then you can buy third party application like logo maker.

WordPress Tagline

Now Next step is Website Tag. This is a very important for your blog or website like my website tag line is “The Ultimate Tech Tips” you can also write your own tagline but it should not be copyright i mean don’t copy from anywhere you should think your own tagline for your website or blog.

WordPress Post Categories

Post categories mean which type post you are posting at your site it mean if ITSolutionTricks.Com providing tech tips for example i have made categories like Blogging, Computer tips, Make Money Online, Mobile Marketing, WordPress Tips, Email Marketing etc.

WordPress Post Tag

I think you know about tagline if you are using Facebook, then there is a option for tagging your friend in image and post so if your are writing post about mobile then you can write in tag line “Mobile”, “Model No” etc. From example i am writing post for WordPress so i can give tagline like “WordPress”, “Website”, “Blog”, “Online Business” etc.

WordPress Blog Template

For your blog choose right template that would make better responsive your blog for your visitor. This is very important things that your are going to use for your blog. if your don’t know which template you should use you can go to google and search like education WordPress template, WordPress business website template, WordPress blog template etc.


Plugins is like our body part, without plugin your website will look like only simple blank page. If you want to use plugin before installing plugin you read here which plugin is required for your blog. for example you can use plugin for SEO, Comment, Affiliate, Author, Social sharing, website tracking, page numbering, and more.


Make sure your website have some main menu. you can also add categories in menu it is also main part of website it will give different look to your website.

Author Profile

If you are writing your blog for some purpose then you can write about your future idea for what you are writing your blog and your education qualification. you also can give your social media link in your profile. I mean you can write your short bio-data in Author profile.


WordPress widgets part will make your blog different look like you can set widgets as you want like you can use Facebook Widget, Twitter Widget, Categories Widget, Tags Widget, Ads Widget etc.

Featured Image

Featured image your can add in your post it should be related to your post for what you are writing your blog post your featured image will represent your post that what your have written in blog post.