How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page Simple & Easy 2017

Hello guys here today i am writing about LinkedIn Page.  Do you have company or business and you want to market your business through linkedln?  Interested in setting up a company page? How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page Simple & Easy 2017 ? How to Create a Linkedln Company Page? here is step by step solution follow them to get your business on Linkedln.

LinkedIn company pages help build brand awareness by providing a channel to promote your products and services to customers and prospects.

In this article you’ll find out how to create a LinkedIn company page to promote your business

#1. Click Here and login with your personal Linkedln email & password and click on work >Create a Company Page

create LinkedIn Company Page

#2. Give your company Name only and linkedin URL will generate automatic and then click on Create Page.

#3. Now your Linkedln page has been created read carefully welcome page and then click on Get Started.

#4. Upload a Logo and Banner Image

Resize your logo to the standard logo dimensions of 100 x 60 pixels before uploading it. Also upload a logo that’s 50 x 50 pixels.


#5. This square logo will appear in status updates in followers’ feeds, as shown here.


A LinkedIn company page is essentially a piece of real estate for your brand, so make the most of it. Upload your company logo and a banner image to make your page stand out.

Your logo is what LinkedIn users see when they search for your company. It also appears on staff profiles, so make sure that all of your employees add the company page to their profiles to reach a wider audience of LinkedIn users.

What do you think? Have you created a company page? Do you have any questions about setting up a page? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.