Earn Money From Your Blog or Website ! How?

Hi Friends, Welcome to my tutorial “Earn Money From Your Blog or Website ! How?” exclusive edition of ITsolutionTricks where you will learn how to create and setup your WordPress blog or website. This guide is for new bloggers who want to set up their blog on the WordPress platform.

For existing WordPress bloggers, should start implementing right now to make your WordPress blog more professional.

This WordPress guide will show you the following things that you need before start your blog

Here if you are new blogger going to start your own blog and you want to be a blogger within 30 min.

Create your WordPress Blog (First step):

For the start a blog you need to buy a domain name and and web hosting.

  • The domain is the name of your WordPress Blog.
  • Web-hosting is where your wordpress blog file will store.

You can buy hosting from Bluehost, which comes with a free domain and costs only $5.95/month for unlimited hosting space and bandwidth (with the discount link below).

This process will take 2 minutes and here is a video guide to help you along the way. Click on the below link and get a hosting package now.

The next thing you need to do is install the WordPress blog onto your domain name. This process will take another 5 minutes. Below is the step by step tutorial:

  • How to install WordPress blog within 10 minutes

Now you have your WordPress blog ready. You just need to make a few changes such as setting up permalinks, updating the ping list, setting up discussion settings, etc. Don’t worry, it’s not technical and you can quickly do it with the help of the guide below:

  • Essential settings after installing WordPress blog

Good job on getting this far! Your blog is now up and running.

But before you play with more stuff, let’s quickly watch a few videos that will make you understand WordPress better.

  • Free WordPress videos for beginners

A few things to learn before moving to the next level:

Here are a few more things that you need to learn before moving to the next level. This will help you to move through everything quicker and without getting stuck anywhere in between.

Use these guides as your reference:

  • How to Install a WordPress Plugin.
  • How to Install WordPress Themes.
  • How to Configure SNAP Plugin.
  • How to Configure SEO on WordPress.

With all of the above steps completed, you have graduated from newbie to beginner!

Now it’s time to pimp up your blog with some important things. Here they are:

  • Burn your blog feed using Feedburner (This will allow your readers to subscribe to your blog via RSS feed or email updates.)
  • Adding Google Analytics to your WordPress blog (This is important as it’s here that you will be able to see how much traffic you are getting and where it’s all coming from.)
  • Set up Google tag manager (This is a little bit of a pro-tip, but you should read it and implement it right now. This will help you to manage all tags, including the Google analytics tag, from one place.)
  • Update WordPress ping list (Go to this post and copy/paste the list as guided. This will help you to get more traffic to your blog.)

Blogging Tips for Beginner like Professional blogger:

One of the major mistakes that many newbies make after creating a WordPress blog is they don’t bother setting up some of the things that can create a huge difference.

These few setups will help out in every aspect of your new website and each step won’t take more than 5 minutes.

In case you have any confusion, you can drop me an email at [email protected], and I will reply to your query within 24 hours.

Now it’s time to set up a few WordPress plugins that are very important tips that will help you more:

  • Activate and configure the Akismet plugin (You will need the Akismet API key. This tutorial will help you get your free API key and teach you how to add it on your blog.)
  • Install and activate WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in one SEO for WordPress (This two plugin are amazing and free plugin to make SEO user friendly, here i am giving two plugin but at a time you can use use only one and don’t change it again, if you want to ask about thies SEO Plugin, just give me a comment in below given comment box i will reply you)
  • Short Pixel WordPress plugin (This Plugin will compress image on your blog, this is help you to make your blog fast and will take minimum time to open in browser )
  • WP Fastest Cache plugin (This plugin will also help you to make your blog fast. it you are using this plugin make sure don’t use other cache plugin.)
  • No self-ping WordPress plugin (Use this plugin and Don’t ping yourself!)
  • WordPress related post plugins (Use any of these plugins to add related posts with thumbnails after each individual post. This will help your readers to read more content on your blog.)
  • SocialWarfare WordPress plugin (This plugin will help you to get more shares on social media.)
  • OptinMonster plugin (This will let you capture email leads for your auto-responder service like aweber, MailChimp, etc. It’s responsive and offers ready to use opt-in forms.)
  • PushEngage (Free WordPress plugin to make your blog web-push ready. You must use this plugin if you want more traffic on your blog)

WordPress SEO: From Beginner to Next Level

Now this step will make you perfect in WordPress Blogging.

Here you will learn more things about wordpress blogging but before start learning you need to fresh your mind so first go and take a tea break and come again and start learning carefully with fresh mind this topic will give you break to standing as successful blogger, so lets start.

Website Name and Url Submission to Search Engine.

  • How to Submit Your Website to Google.
  • How to Submit your Website to Yahoo.
  • How to Submit Your Website to Yandex.
  • How to Submit Your Website to Bing.
  • How to Submit Your Website to DuckDuckGo.
  • How to Submit Your Website to AOL.
  • How to Submit Your Website to Baidu.
  • How to Submit Your Website to Ask.com
  • How to Submit Your Website to Excite
  • How to Submit Your Website to WolframAlpha

Website Sitemap Submission to Search Engine.

  • Exclusive WordPress SEO training video from WordCamp (This video will give your WordPress Blog SEO queries).
  • A DIY guide for WordPress Blog SEO.
  • SEO optimize individual posts in WordPress Blog.
  • WordPress Blog Sitemap Submission to Google Webmaster Tool.
  • How to submit your blog sitemap to Bing Search Engine.
  • How to submit wordpress blog sitemap to Yandex.
  • How to submit your blog sitemap to Baidu.
  • How to submit your blog sitemap to Ask.com

WordPress Pro Tips:

As promised, here are some tips for those WordPress bloggers who have been using WordPress for a long time and want to learn some advanced tips.

  • How to reduce WordPress database size.
  •  find all broken links (internally and externally) and quickly fix them with the help of WP  link Status plugin.