How to Buy Web Hosting for your WordPress Blog

Hello Friends today i am gonna to tell you how to buy web hosting for your WordPress blog or website as i have written in my previous post for purchasing domain name for business and website as you know without web hosting you can’t start your website for your domain name you have to buy a hosting service as like your website i mean if your website is getting more hit per day like i am getting 20 thousand hits per day so i have to buy a strong capacity server otherwise my site will get down.

In this post i want to give you some basic idea about domain hosting service. Many hosting provider company offering hosting service at cheapest price. Bluehost is one on the best hosting service provider. Bluehost is also providing domain service i mean you can buy domain and hosting both from Bluehost.

Where to Buy Web Hosting Service

Here i will suggest you some hosting service provider they are providing hosting service in cheap price. when i was going to start my website that time i was also thinking “Where i have to buy domain, How to buy Domain, How to buy hosting service, What is Hosting Service, then i search on over internet more post, more video finally i learn everything about blogging. when i started my site that time i wast using Bluehost┬áhosting service because this is a wordpress based blog for WP Bluehost is Good. here i am not doing mightiness of Bluehost just sharing my personal experience with you.

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