How to Split Large Size File in Small Size File

Recently i was doing a Application integration with another company application for that i wanted some important data to export in that application but data size should be in limited size but data which i was receiving that was in large txt file like 450 MB per file so i was thinking to split in small size like 96MB only. If i was changing one by one file with copy paste, it was taking so much time then i search on Internet i got a software with that i have done splitting within a second. So, here i will tell you the steps how to split large txt file in small txt file within a second.

How to Split Large Size File in Small Size File

First you need to download GSplit 3 software it is powerful and free file splitter that lets you split your large files into a set of smaller files called pieces. It also creates a Self-Uniting program that automatically restores the original file with no requirement. Finally, it includes a lot of customization features for easily and safely splitting your files.

How to Install GSplit 3 in Computer

While you are downloading the file, please read the following instructions:

Once your download is complete, run the Setup package GSPLITS.EXE (this is a Windows Self-Installing executable file built with Paquet Builder) and follow the instructions displayed step-by-step by the Setup Wizard.

Now you need to install GSplit 3 in your computer or laptop where you want to split your large text file.

System Requirements

In order to work correctly, GSplit requires the following system components:

Minimum configuration:

  • Microsoft Windows® 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, ME, 98, 95 or higher.
  • 128 MB RAM (Recommended: 256 MB RAM or greater).
  • For Windows 95 users: you must have the COMCTL32.DLL update version 4.72 or higher; HTML Help 1.1 or higher; and Microsoft Tahoma and Verdana fonts. You already have these components if you installed Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+.

Repair/Uninstall Gsplit 3:

If you have the Portable edition, you just need to remove the folder where you copied GSplit. More instructions in the Readme.txt file this file you can find under GSplit Directory.

Otherwise, to uninstall GSplit, select the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Windows Control Panel, then highlight GSplit and click on Remove or Maintenance (it may change with different versions of Windows).

Note: please be sure to quit all applications before removing GSplit.

How to Split File with GSplit 3

  1. Open GSplit 3 Application.
  2. Click on Browse.. and select your file which you want to split. As you can see which file i have selected, the size is 354979 KB if you calculate this size in MB it will be 354.9 MB but as i told you i want only 96 MB Per file. so just click on Open.
  3. Now Next to do is (a) Click on Type and Size

(b) Give the file size how much you want to separate per file.

(c) Now click on Split.


Now you can Browse file and your txt file will not be in same txt format it will be as disk1.gsd, disk2.gsd so now what to do, just rename this file to yourfilename.txt or whatever you want.