Some Most Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Eclipse (Java)

Hi if you are working on Java Eclipse then this is right place for learning Java Eclipse Keyboard shortcuts. you can save your lots of time by using these shortcut keys. today i was working on Java Eclipse for some of work it was taking long time so i thought, why i can not use shortcut keys for Java Eclipse then i explore all over the internet, i found some most time saving keyboard shortcut for Eclipse (Java). If you looking for windows shortcut keys then read this post with help you more.

Alt + Shift + R : Rename magic 🙂

Ctrl + Shift + T/R : Open by Type/Resource
Ctrl + Shift + O : Organize
Ctrl + Shift + F : Format code
Ctrl + Shift + G : References in the workspace
Ctrl + Alt + H : Call hierarchy
Ctrl + 1 : Suggestions
Ctrl + 2 : Assign
Ctrl + Space : Auto fill / suggests

Ctrl + O : Quick Outline View (Really helps navigate within the class)

Ctrl + L : Goto line, when those exceptions are there in the logs 🙂

F3 : Go to source!
Alt + Left/Right : Navigate back/forward

F5-8 : For debugging

Also change the ‘highlight matching bracket’ color to something bright. Helps in identifying the pair.

Most of the shortcuts are mentioned here. These are a few shortcuts that comes in handy in specific scenarios.

Alt-Shift-J : Highlight the class name or a method and then execute this shortcut. It will add the Java-doc for the corresponding based on its definition. Modifications can be done eventually to the same.

Ctrl-Alt-H : Highlight a method name and then execute this shortcut. It will display the call hierarchy of the method. It comes in handy when you modify the definition of an existing method.

Ctrl-Shift-I : In debug mode, when the thread execution is paused by a break-point, select a particular expression and execute this shortcut. The evaluation of the expression will be shown. Alternatively, you can also add a watch expression in the Eclipse Debug Perspective mode.

Happy Coding ! Hope You Like This Post !